A New Devil May Cry 5 Update Makes it Even Weirder I Can't See a Certain Character's Bum

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Since Devil May Cry 5 released around a month ago, it has been wowing players with its incredibly deep gameplay mechanics and over the top presentation. The game is a real treat, but there has been a slightly strange story evolving around it.

Shortly after launch, it was noticed that a single butt in the game had been censored in a cutscene, but only under very specific unusual circumstances.

Spoilers ahead for Devil May Cry 5!

There is a cutscene maybe half way through Devil May Cry 5 where Dante races in on a motorbike, catching Trish from mid air and saving her. Trish in this cutscene is naked, and in most versions of the game her butt was totally visible without obstruction. However, on the PS4 version of the game, in North America and Europe, a giant lens flare covered up visibility of her bottom.

This isn't in any way a problem, it was just an odd, unusual issue. The bum wasn't obscured on all PS4 versions of the game, nor was it obscured in all North American or European console versions of the game, leading many to believe Sony of America or Europe stepped in and requested a light be shone right onto that derrière.

What makes this situation even stranger is that, following Monday's Bloody Palace update, the bottom is now visible in North America on PS4. PS4 Europeans are now the only ones being forbidden from seeing this lady's bum, and it's very weird.

In quite possibly this week's most unexpected professional email, I have reached out to PlayStation Europe in order to try and find out exactly what about Trish's cheeks was presumably causing corporate executives discomfort. At the time of publishing they have not responded to our request for comment.