Jump Force Trailer Shows Yu-Gi-Oh Antagonist Seto Kaiba Summoning a God

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Recently, we got the news that Yu-Gi-Oh antagonist Seto Kaiba will be the first DLC character added to anime crossover fighting game Jump Force this May. Now, we have a chance to see how he's going to play.

For those unaware of Yu-Gi-Oh, Kaiba is a modern day orphan billionaire who made his fortune inventing cool trading card hologram tech, and is actually the reincarnation of some dude from ancient Egypt with a magical destiny he really doesn't want to believe in or be a part of.

As expected, Kaiba will play similarly to Yugi, as a casting character who keeps distance and avoids directly getting involved in the fight. He uses two of his signature monsters in battle: the Blue Eyes White Dragon and Obelisk the Tormentor, one of the programme's God cards, and the focus of several series of the anime.

Kaiba will be one of three DLC characters arriving in May.