Monolith Soft's Working on Another Zelda

By Rich Stanton on at

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild wasn't just a big critical hit, but the best-selling entry in the series thus far. Part of its winning reinvention of the Zelda formula was a new open-world approach, and Nintendo hired the Xenoblade developer Monolith Soft in order to help deliver it.

If you've ever played a Xenoblade game you'll know that one of its appeals is the amazing scale of the worlds, and the concepts therein. It was an influence that, at many points in Breath of the Wild, felt marked.

Well, Monolith Soft is now advertising lots of positions on a new Zelda game. This in itself isn't the most surprising news of all time, but the job adverts do come with a spiffy image of the Triforce. The only slightly odd thing is that it's a Triforce in the Skyward Sword style, which features the three 'goddess' crests. Monolith Soft worked on both Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild.

The various symbols will be familiar to series fans who have the Hyrule Historia book, which features them on the cover:

In-game these symbols appeared on Skyward Sword's gate of time, which Link uses to bum back-and-forth around the timeline.

Not that I think one should read too much into any of that: but it is curious that Breath of the Wild moved away from these aspects of Hyrule completely. The Triforce was present as a logo in places, and there were a few neat nods, but both it and the three goddesses were sidelined from the game's world.

By the way, the history of the triforce as a symbol generally is pretty interesting.

Anyway: the big news is more Zelda. One of the most brilliant moves the series ever made was giving its creative team freedom, after Ocarina of Time, to come up with the unique and unsettling Majora's Mask. The inevitable thing to speculate about would be a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild. But I hope that, as with that game's bold new direction, Nintendo and Monolith Soft give us something a little more unexpected.