Here's Our First Look at Her Story Developer Sam Barlow's New Game, Telling Lies

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Almost four years ago now, game developer Sam Barlow made waves by releasing Her Story, a non-linear adventure where players pieced together a crime by searching keywords and watching live action video clips in a police database. The game's non-linear structure, as well as the ways that secrets were hidden and the lack of grading on player conclusions about the plot really succeeded in exciting players.

We've been excited about what's next from Sam Barlow since he revealed the name of his next project, Telling Lies, back in 2017. And now, finally, we get a glimpse of what it will entail.

Telling Lies will focus on the stories of four individuals, whose lives are tied together by the secrets stored on a stolen NSA hard drive. Players will once again search keywords and watch videos of people talking, but the scope of the mystery is said to be much larger this time around. Additionally, the user interface on display is more modern, and there are features like skimming through clips to help more easily find what you're looking for.

Telling Lies releases later this year, initially on PC followed by consoles and mobile later. We featured the game as one of our most anticipated British games of 2019.