Here's Our First Teaser Trailer for Borderlands 3

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past few weeks, Gearbox has been going wild on Twitter, teasing a huge number of games which will be discussed during its upcoming PAX East keynote. Perhaps most notably, speculation has been growing that a full Borderlands 3 reveal is going to happen during the keynote, and today we got even more evidence pointing that way.

The trailer shows off several characters from the Borderlands series alongside some new faces, and ends with a teaser phrase: "Mayhem is Coming". The fact that the trailer is listed as rating pending tells us it's for an unannounced, still in development Borderlands game rather than a remake, which gives even more credence to this being a tease for Borderlands 3.

According to the teaser, you'll want to check out Gearbox's keynote tomorrow at 6pm UK 28th March 2019 for more information.