Guildford is Getting a Games Festival This Summer

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Recently, when visiting Norwich to interview game developers, we remarked on the fact that the city's games festival is a big part of the local community and its support for developers. Now, following suit, another UK games hub is getting a games festival of its own.

Supported by Guildford Borough Council, Ukie and the University of Surrey, Guildford Games Festival is a new event taking place this summer, focused at both players and people in the gaming industry. Running from June 27th - 29th, the event will be focused on showcasing the games industry talent present in the city, with a consumer expo, an awards night, industry specific events, and more.

Highlights of the festival will apparently include a multiplayer gaming event hosted by Supermassive Games, a full day of industry talks, and a public day focused on letting the public try out locally made games.

Guildford is a fascinating hub for UK game development. You can find out more by reading our in-depth interview feature where we talk to a number of the most interesting studios in the city.