Fortnite V8.20 Adds Poison Darts and Lava Floors

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Another week is here, and that can only mean one thing: another update to Fortnite. This week's update is V8.20, and it brings some big new content additions to the game.

For battle royale mode players, there's a couple of big new additions of note now live in game. First up, there's a brand mew limited time mode, titled The Floor is Lava. Predictably based on its name, this mode is about the volcano spewing lava further than normal, with players having to find and fight from safe ground while avoiding the deadly hot molten floor of the map. Players will need to rush to low areas of the map before loot is swallowed up, then find safe high ground to fight from. Players are given small amounts of material over time, to try and help you build your way out of impossible looking situations.

The new update also adds poison dart tile traps to the game, which can be used to cause slow health drain to impacted characters.

The new update also adds a few new consumable foods to the maps. Chilli peppers speed you up, bananas regain a small amount of health, and coconuts regenerate a small amount of both health and shields.

The baller vehicle is being altered in today's patch, as well as next week's patch, to make it more difficult to use it to simply flee from fights in the late game. Starting today, the baller doesn't cause damage when driven into enemies, and starting next week players will be able to shoot through the glass and damage the person inside.

Lastly, outside of competitive playlists, kills will no longer restore your health and shields. This is apparently to lessen the impact of high skill players who can rack up kills no longer needing to pause to heal, where lower kill count players have to become vulnerable to recover.

In creative mode, you can now use a creature spawner to create PvE challenges with AI-controlled enemies spawning from set locations with chosen behaviour.

There's also a new shooting gallery theme available in creative mode.

For Save the World players, there's a new pirate-themed 'Yarrr!' questline available.

That's it for the big updates in this week's patch, but as always there's a large number of smaller weapon tweaks, balance changes, and bug fixes. You can find out more by reading the full patch notes here.