Shantae 5 is in Development, But Skipping One Expected Platform

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Last night, somewhat out of the blue, video game developer Waypoint announced that a new instalment in the Shantae series is in development. Shantae 5 will once again feature the platforming adventures of the titular half-genie, but this time there's one platform the game will most likely be skipping.

Announced via a tweet, which was very light on details, the game will be released on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and Apple Arcade. The timing of this announcement is likely because Apple only announced Apple Arcade last night, a paid subscription service where players will get unlimited access to offline play of a wide range of paid mobile games, with developers being paid based on how much of your time you spent playing their software.

You may notice that Android was not listed as a platform in the Shantae 5 announcement tweet. This is likely because, as Apple announced, games on Apple Arcade will be exclusive to their platform, at least on mobile.

No release date was announced, but Apple Arcade launches this autumn, and we would guess the two might launch around the same time.