Bethesda's Big Upcoming Releases Are All Coming to Steam

By Laura Kate Dale on at

When Fallout 76 launched late last year, there were a lot of complaints to be had about the game. From a lack of content, to server issues, to bugs, the game seemingly couldn't go a week without some negative attention. However, one piece of new that had people upset at the time, but many have now forgotten, is the game's Bethesda.Net exclusivity on PC.

Fallout 76 never came to Steam when it released, and for a number of players this was an issue. It was yet another proprietary launcher that needed to be installed and updated, with another password to remember. Many players feared this was a sign for Bethesda's future games too, and that we might see all future Bethesda games on PC exclusive to its launcher.

Thankfully, we have confirmation that is not the case.

Yes, all of Bethesda's currently announced upcoming PC games, including Rage 2 and Doom Eternal are coming to Steam. Also, if you're still excited for Fallout 76 on PC but don't have a copy yet, it'll be coming to Steam later this year.

While this isn't a major move, it's going to be welcome news for people hoping to keep their digital game collections in a single unified place. Good on you Bethesda for listening to fans and making your games available in more places.