Tomorrow, You Can Watch a New Xbox Indie Games Livestream Event

By Laura Kate Dale on at

After years of Nintendo making use of livestreams to keep players excited about their consoles throughout the year, not just at E3, it seems like Sony and Microsoft are starting to take note of the technique. Tonight at 9PM UK, Sony is hosting its first State of Play livestream, a presentation of "updates and announcements from the world of PlayStation". While Xbox already has Inside Xbox to reveal things like Halo: Master Chief Collection coming to PC, it is also launching an indie-focused livestream, too.

ID@Xbox Game Pass will be airing for the first time at 4pm tomorrow, Tuesday 26th March. The livestream sounds like an equivalent to Nintendo's "Nindies" livestreams, featuring details on indie games we already know about, some release dates, and some brand new game reveals. The difference here is that these indie games will all be making their way to Game Pass, meaning that anyone with Microsoft's paid subscription service will be able to play these indie games for no additional fee.

We know in advance that the livestream will showcase some known titles including Afterparty, Void Bastards and the amazing scream-at-a-goat party game, Supermarket Shriek.

These livestreams will be a regular event, suggesting a new place for indie reveals so they don't get swept under the rug during the rush of E3. You can tune in at Xbox's official YouTube channel here.