One More Apex Legends Character is Arriving During Season One

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've been enjoying Apex Legends since it launched, and awaiting new content to expand the experience, it's fair to say the Apex Legends season one battle pass has been a little disappointing. No big cosmetic rewards to incentivise completing all your tiers, no big challenges to complete; it's a bit of a let down. However, the season did kick off with an exciting new character, Octane, and it seems that we will get another new character before the season is over.

Spotted on the official PlayStation website listing for Apex Legends, we get the info that two characters will be added during season one's battle pass. We assume Octane is included as the first, because he launched the same day as the battle pass. This means that we can expect another character in approximately the next three months.

While the battle pass itself might not be too exciting, we at least know we'll soon have another character to try out. I'm hoping for something very different to Octane, maybe a slow snail type hero perhaps.