Western Release of Judgement Not Delayed, But Will Feature Alterations

By Laura Kate Dale on at

A few weeks ago, a new game called Judgement by the creators of the Yakuza series was pulled off shelves in Japan. The game featured the likeness and voice talent of Japanese actor, Pierre Taki. But following his arrest for suspicion of illegal drug use, Sega made the decision to halt further sales of the title. It sounds extreme, but Japan has incredibly strict drug laws – use of illegal drugs is a career ender in the Japanese entertainment industry.

Many UK gamers were concerned that this issue may delay the launch of the game in English markets thanks to Taki's involvement and the fact that this would likely have to be removed before sales of the game could continue. However, some official tweets from the development team not only confirm the release date for the UK is not being pushed back, but also sheds light on what will happen to the western release of the game.

So, it seems that while the game is not being delayed, Taki's likeness and performance will be removed and replaced before the English release. Additionally, while trailers for the game were taken offline, they will be reuploaded, presumably after the actor has been replaced.

So, you won't have to wait longer for Judgement to release, but you will have to play it knowing that one of the cast isn't being played by their original actor.