Tacoma is Free on The Humble Store, But Not for Long

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Developed by Fullbright, the team behind the critically acclaimed Gone Home, Tacoma is a game set on a space station, about exploring events which took place before your arrival. Employed to collect data on the station's inhabitants, you're able to watch holograms walk through scenes from different perspectives, rewinding and changing positions to catch hidden pieces of information about who played what role in the events on board.

The game's narrative may not have had the same simple clear punch that Gone Home did, but it's mechanically interesting and there is some emotional payoff to be found by the time it is done. It's definitely worth a look – particularly considering it's currently available for free on PC.

If you pop over to the Humble store right now, you'll be able to get a DRM free download of Tacoma to keep forever.

The game is only free for another two days and six hours at the time of writing, ceasing to be free at 5PM on Sunday 24th March 2019 or "until stocks last". While the idea of stock running out on a digital product is always odd, this basically just means Humble has decided to give away a specific number of copies, and that might be reached before the timer runs out.

So, if you want to try out a great game with an interesting space narrative, now's a good time to grab a copy of Tacoma. Click here to head on over to the Humble store.