Gearbox Teases Yet Another PAX Game Reveal, Probably Justin Roiland in VR

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past week, Gearbox has been pretty much daily teasing new game reveals for PAX East, taking place soon in Boston. Teases have included a symbol seeming to allude to a Penn and Teller game, a Borderlands 3 tease, a pixelated image many have assumed is teasing Borderlands 2 on Switch, and some image of Duke Nukem and a Bulletstorm character hanging out together.

However, it seems that Gearbox is not done teasing announcements, and it's looking very likely its newest tease is going to be of interest to fans of Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland.

The tweet of two creatures high fiving may not be immediately recognisable, but if you check out the website for upcoming PS4 and PSVR game Trover Saves The Universe, you'll spot some of these creatures in screenshots pretty quickly.

This isn't the first suggestion we have had that Gearbox might be publishing Trover Saves the Universe. last month a Brazil ratings board rated the game, and had Gearbox listed as the publisher. We don't yet know the game's release date, so it seems a good bet that we might get a release date during Gearbox's presentation at the show.

Trover Saves The Universe is a comedic action adventure, where I think you collect babies and shove them into your empty eye sockets to give yourself powers, while trying to save your dags, which some evil villain shoved into his own eyes. Yes, it sounds bonkers, but I am oddly intrigued.