Kill La Kill: IF Launches in The UK Sooner Than We Expected

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Kill La Kill: IF, Arc System Works' new anime fighting game about women whose clothes are living demon weapons, was announced last year with a very cool trailer. Since then we've been sat with nothing but a vague "2019" release window, so we expected to see it come to the UK fairly late into the year. However, it now seems like we will be playing the game sooner than expected.

According to a press release sent out overnight, Kill La Kill: IF will be releasing in the UK on PS4, PC, and Switch on July 26th 2019, just one day after the game's Japanese launch date.

For those unfamiliar with the original anime series Kill La Kill, the series focuses on living clothing, which feeds on the blood of its host and makes them incredibly powerful. Also, the hero and primary antagonist each wields half of a giant pair of scissors, which they use as a sword in battle.

It's a weird series, but Arc System Works knows its anime fighting games, and the art style looks great, so this is likely a title worth keeping an eye on.