Fortnite V8.11 Adds Pirate Pistols and Floaty Fights

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Another week, another Fortnite update is available. V8.11 of the battle royale shooter is now live, and with it comes a few small tweaks and additions to the game.

For battle royale mode players, the main addition this week is the new Flint-Knock Pistol. This pistol knocks back the user, and potentially the target if they're shot at close enough range. If you're crouching when you fire the weapon you can prevent yourself being knocked back, so this might be perfect for players who found a bush disguise to hide in and take pot shots.

You can do up to 90 damage per close range shot, but that damage falls off very quickly with distance, and you will have to reload the weapon for three seconds after every shot fired. The pistol uses heavy ammo, which is understandable given its damage output.

Impulse grenade have been removed from the vault and returned to the game, and the spawn rate of ballers has been halved.

For creative mode players, there's a new island available called Black Glass island.

Lastly, for Save the World players, new hero Battle Hound Jonesy has been made available, with a backpack perk which allows him to carry extra grenades. Additionally, a new weapon called Sir Lancelot is available – basically a big medieval spear.

Fortnite V8.11 is light on major changes to the game, but if you want to read through all the minor bug fixes and balance tweaks, you can do so here.