I Read 4,000 YouTube Comments About Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

By Tim Rogers on at

I am so excited about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that I asked not to play it for work. I need to play it at home, in the dark, devoid of human contact. So for today’s video, I did the most unreasonable alternative I could think of: I read thousands of YouTube comments on all the trailers and gameplay videos released to date for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I crunched a lot of numbers and checked a lot of facts.

In this video, I present the findings of my analysis. We talk about fans’ specific concerns about publisher Activision’s involvement in the development. We discuss how similar, exactly, Sekiro is to From Software’s Tenchu. I even do a little fast maths to determine what might be the best possible day to release a “game of the year” candidate. We ultimately address the big question: are there, as hundreds of commenters pointed out, “Too Many Samurai Games”? (Spoiler: no. It’s like three games, man.)

This is the first time at Kotaku that I’ve written and produced a video of this length for myself to present on camera. Here’s a behind the scenes titbit: I had to go to the loo the whole time, and I had to go bad. I didn’t want to take my microphone off. I should have gone to the loo.

Anyway, if you like this video, feel free to tell me that! I will then reply to you that I’m hoping to make more like this. And if you didn’t like it, maybe call someone close to you and tell them that there’s a video on the internet you didn’t like.