Yu-Gi-Oh Antagonist Seto Kaiba is Being Summoned to Jump Force

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Bandai Namco's Jump Force, released last month, allows a bunch of characters from Shonen Jump manga and anime to beat each other up, all while sharing a slightly surreal realistic art style. It's a fun anime brawler, and thanks to an image shared by the publisher today we now know when new content is being added to the game, and what some of it will be.

In may 2019, Yu-Gi-Oh antagonist Seto Kaibi will be added as paid DLC to Jump Force, alongside two other characters which have not yet been announced. For those unaware of Yu-Gi-Oh, Kaiba is likely to be another fighter who, like Yugi, fights by summoning monsters. Rather than magicians, he is likely to summon dragons, in particular his signature Blue Eyes White Dragon.

The schedule also reveals that the game is getting free content in April, a raid boss event in May, Arena and Tournament free events in June and July, and another batch of three paid DLC characters in August.