Here's a Timeline For Basic Epic Store Features Like Videos and a Shopping Cart

By Laura Kate Dale on at

The Epic Store has been in the news a lot recently. From the store's better rates for developers, to numerous exclusive or timed exclusive games, Epic is doing everything it can to get everyone using its store as soon as possible.

However, this has been at the expense of what many consider to be basic online store features. It was only recently, three months after launch, that the store added a basic search bar, so it's fair to say some of the basics have not been a priority for the publisher of Fortnite.

Epic does seem to be aware of this fact, as it has recently made a trello board public that outlines changes coming to the store, and when they are expected to be implemented.

In the next three months, you'll get cloud saves, an updated store page, the ability to see videos for games on the store, as well as some updates to offline mode and improvements to their currently large patch sizes. These should all arrive before mid June.

Between four and six months from now the store should be getting wishlists, mod support, user reviews, and bundles that will be discounted if you already own some of the contents.

After mid September, we should be getting achievements, and the ability to put multiple games into a shopping cart to pay for all at once. What revolutionary ideas Epic.

Some day, beyond even that nebulous time window, the store will be getting automated refunds implemented.

While none of these additions are particularly impressive, and most of them are simply helping bring the store in line with its competition, I guess it's good to know these basic additions are at least on Epic's mind.