Weedcraft Inc Somehow Doesn't Release on 4/20

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Devolver Digital, perhaps known as well for its blood-filled existential press conferences as for its actual video game publishing, has announced a release date for its upcoming cannabis empire management sim Weedcraft Inc.

The game, where players start as a street level dealer trying to sell baggies, and grow all the way up to running huge corporations, releases on April 11th 2019. Now, I don't know about you, but I hear a videogame about weed is releasing in April, and I just sort of assume it would surely release on April 20th. I get that it's a Saturday, and video games don't usually release on a Saturday, but come on, Devolver, this was easy. Your trailer released yesterday is even 4:20 long.

On paper, Weedcraft Inc sounds like the kind of game a teenager thinks is great after a smoke, but it seems like the game is attempting to tackle real moral discussions about the weird legal state of cannabis sale across the world. The launch date reveal trailer focuses on such real world topics as people turning to drug dealing to cover extortionate medical bills or to help with medical conditions, and key art for the game suggests the movement for legalisation will play a role in the plot.

It certainly seems like developer Vile Monarch is going for more than just "haha, weed is funny", which might explain why it avoided the cheap release date joke after all.