Overwatch Support Hero Baptiste Launches Next Tuesday

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Nearly three years after it was first release, post launch support for Overwatch is still strong. A few weeks back, we first learned about Baptiste, a new hero who would be coming to the competitive hero shooter, and now we know a little more about when we'll be able to try him out properly.

Baptiste is being added to Overwatch next Tuesday, 19th March, but will not be available in competition play until a week later on 26th March.

Baptise is a support healer, with a handful of really interesting new abilities. He can generate an area of effect in which characters cannot be killed, which gives characters somewhere safe to wait while Baptiste finishes healing someone else, because healers are often expected to be sorting a bunch of issues at once.

His ultimate boosts the power of friendly projectiles, so he has some front line utility in the right circumstances.

As ever, expect to find matches absolutely swamped with people trying to test out Baptiste when he drops, so don't expect to find how he fits into competitive play on the first day out the gate.