Fortnite Players on Switch No Longer Pool With PS4 or Xbox One

By Laura Kate Dale on at

A few months back, gamers around the world were excited when Sony finally announced it was going top start dipping its toes in the cross-platform play pool. Games including Fortnite were announced as part of a beta programme, where players on PS4 would finally be able to play with their friends on PC, Xbox One and Switch. It was a glorious dream come true, and for a while it meant that when matchmaking on any of the three major consoles in Fortnite, you might get randomly paired with anyone at all. Everyone could play with everyone without making any special effort, the consoles had finally united.

However, changes in the most recent Fortnite patch, V8.10, have now come into effect, and full Fortnite crossplay across those three platforms has been somewhat restricted: players on Nintendo Switch will no longer be randomly matched with PS4 and Xbox One players.

There's a logical reason for this change, though: the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Fortnite run at 60FPS, while the Switch version runs at 30FPS. That lower framerate doesn't just alter how smooth your experience is; certain in-game effects are tied to it. Most notably, Switch players actually deal slightly reduced damage per second compared to their 60FPS opponents.

While the idea of all three consoles sharing one matchmaking pool was great, in practice many players have been unhappy about the setup. As a compromise, Epic has changed how random matchmaking pools work. PS4 and Xbox One players still share a matchmaking pool, but Switch players now pool with mobile players. This still presents some problems – mobile players do not have physical controls which will put them at a disadvantage to Switch players – but for now, this is the solution Epic has chosen.

Now, to be clear, this doesn't mean Switch players cannot play with their PS4 and Xbox One friends at all. Cross-platform play is still supported, but only for parties. Basically, if you are playing on Switch you could start a squad with a PS4 friend and an Xbox One friend to guarantee you end up in matches with them – you just won't have PS4 or Xbox One players popping up in your solo battle royale matches.