Street Fighter V's In-Game Ads Are Back, Now Slightly Less Obnoxious

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Back in December, Capcom made a fairly unpopular choice with regards to Street Fighter V and advertisements for its Pro Tour events.

The December update added Capcom Pro tour adverts to paid copies of Street Fighter V, which could be removed but were enabled as default. Players would receive a small amount of in-game currency for seeing these adverts, but they were at best distracting, and in some cases made a mockery of plot points about characters. Replacing Guile's patriotic American flag tattoo with an advert is one thing, but slapping a sticker about a gaming tournament on one of Dhalsim's shrunken heads, child victims of a plague, is for many where a line was crossed.

At the time Capcom stated that it was going to have a rethink about the in-game ads after the backlash, and now we know what changes Capcom is making to try to lessen angry fan responses.

Street Fighter V's new in-game ads are for Uniqlo, a Japanese clothing brand with a Street Fighter clothing range, and are live in game now (thanks EventHubs). This time around, adverts appear in loading screens and Capcom Pro Tour stages, but not other stages or on characters. You'll also see images of Uniqlo's clothing designs after the character select screen.

These new adverts are undeniably less obtrusive, but they are still a bit weird to see active as default in a game players have already paid their money for. They pay out 12 Fight Money per ranked or casual match.