Three Months After Launch, The Epic Games Store Has Basic Search Functionality

By Laura Kate Dale on at

The Epic Games Store launched in December 2018, and in those three months it has seen a fast rise to popularity. From numerous games being exclusive to the store on PC, to better rates on sales to developers, the storefront has done a lot right to bring people into its ecosystem.

However, one thing it lacked until now – which you really would have thought would be a part of any online store – is the ability to type in the name of a game and search to see if they have it or not.

Yes, announced as if it was a groundbreaking new feature, the Epic Store now has a functioning search bar. How the future shines so bright.

To be fair, the Epic Store is a far newer storefront than competition like Steam, meaning not only are games less likely to get buried at this stage, but searching for games on day one might have led players to focus on what they couldn't purchase on the store rather than what they could. It makes sense in that context, kinda, but anyway: from now on, finding specific software on the store is going to be a little easier.