This Wednesday, Pokémon Go is Introducing Lunch Hour Raids For Busy Adults

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Being an adult with a full time job who plays Pokémon Go, finding time for Legendary raids can be a bit tricky. During the day, you've got work. After work, you've got limited time to cook dinner, see your family, and settle down for the evening. During weekends, you've finally got time to see friends and family, to do group activities, and you may not want to throw that away to catch the newest legendary creature.

However, what if you could line up your lunch hour with a bunch of other adults in your position, guarantee a bunch of raids would be available, and go do a few raids in between meetings and paperwork? Well, this Wednesday, Niantic will be testing out the concept and seeing if lunch hour raids can help you get those creatures you've been missing.

On Wednesday 13th March, from noon until 1PM, Niantic will be spawning a huge number of legendary raids around the world in Pokémon Go. The idea is that players can pop out during lunch, know there will be a huge number of players around, get that legendary, and get back to work.

If the test goes well, Niantic is considering making this a weekly event, where players have a chance to catch creatures more easily at a set time without eating into their evenings or weekends. Niantic has not revealed how it will measure the success of the event, but if you like the idea, make sure you take part on Wednesday and tweet Niantic afterwards to tell them you liked the idea.

I know one thing for sure: I'll be asking my boss if I can switch my lunch hour to 12pm on Wednesday. It's okay, Kotaku UK management, this new lunch schedule is an important part of my work schedule, I promise.