There's a Butt in Devil May Cry V That UK PS4 Players Don't Get to See

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Due to differing cultural norms between regions of the world, sometimes pieces of art – including video games – will see minor alterations between versions. Sometimes a scene involving drug use will be removed in a country where drug use is a more serious crime, sometimes a violent scene will be removed in a country where it bears a similarity to a recent tragedy, and sometimes sexual content is removed in countries where sexual norms differ.

What is a lot more unusual, however, is content being altered on just one console, in only select parts of the world.

Spoilers ahead for Devil May Cry V!

Early in Devil May Cry V, it becomes apparent that some boss enemies in the game, when defeated, contain the bodies of classic characters from the series. These characters' naked bodies fall out of the defeated bosses, and are collected up by our heroes and taken back to a safe location.

As noticed by YouTube channel Naughty Gaming, one of these scenes centred around a boss containing the body of series character Trish shows her fully exposed butt – on all but one version of the game.

As shown in the video, you can see Trish's butt in its fully exposed glory on PC and Xbox One in all regions, as well as in the Japanese PS4 version of the game. However, in the western release, the PS4 version obscures the butt with a huge lens flare effect.

It's unclear exactly why the butt is visible on all versions of the game bar the western PS4 release, but our best guess is that Sony of America or Europe specifically objected to the scene. We have reached out to Sony and Capcom for comment, and will let you know if we can get an answer about why some players are being denied this specific beautiful booty.