RPG Maker MV Has Been Cancelled on Xbox One

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're an Xbox One owner who loves playing JRPGs... well, first of all you might have put your eggs in the wrong console basket, but secondly, you may have been looking forward to RPG Maker MV.

Initially announced for PS4, Xbox One and Switch, RPG Maker MV is a console port of the popular PC program where players use tilesets and simplified programming logic to create their own RPGs. The ruleset allows for fairly complex games to be made, and is a great introduction to game logic.

While RPG Maker MV released back in November 2018 in Japan, the Xbox One version of the game was delayed into early 2019 without much explanation. Now, we've learned via an announcement that the Xbox One port of the game has been cancelled completely, both for Japan and the upcoming 2019 English language release.

So, there goes your chance to make your own Xbox One RPGs to fill the long gap between Japanese developed releases on the system.