PS4 Releases Snazzy Theme to Celebrate International Women's Day

By Rich Stanton on at

Today is International Women's Day and, as it did last year, Sony has released a free PS4 theme featuring some of the hardware's most iconic heroes. It was designed by Guerilla Games artist Choro Choi, and shows the group enjoying some PS4 (and Vita!) co-op.

You can grab it here.

The image includes Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, Ellie from The Last of Us, Chloe and Nadine from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, and many more. My personal highlight, of course, is Bloodborne's Lady Maria. As ever she's too cool for school and, while everyone else is having a great time, she's just brooding on the couch thinking about the sins of the hunters. Perfect.

As well as the theme, Sony has uploaded a short video in which some of the industry's most inspirational female creators talk about the importance of balance in the industry (and their first gaming memories!).