Next Week, Beat Saber Gets New Official Tracks to Slice Through

By Laura Kate Dale on at

While Beat Saber is one of the best VR games out there right now, with its hugely rewarding lightsaber to the music gameplay, it's tough to deny that the game launched with a fairly small track list. With just 16 tracks to dodge, slice, and dance through, the game's techno songs were the sort of thing you had to be okay with replaying fairly often.

While PC owners confident with mods can install custom songs to Beat Saber, PS4 owners and those uncomfortable modding their games have until now been stuck with those starting tracks. However, in just over a week, players will have a new set of original official songs available to them in game.

This music pack will be paid DLC, but right now the developers of the game have not announced which tracks will be included, how many tracks will be included, or what price the music pack will be.

On that same date, March 14th, PC players will be offered the PS4 version's five bonus tracks in a free update.