Halo Infinite Will Definitely Be an Xbox One Game

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the past few weeks, rumours have begun to circulate online that we might be within 18 months of the launch of next generation gaming consoles. It makes sense, considering how long the PS4 and Xbox One have been around, but talk of 2020 console releases has put several in development games into question. If a game looks like it will release in 2020, should we expect it to be pushed to more powerful consoles?

One such game that seems like it's probably not releasing in 2019 is Halo Infinite, 343i's upcoming Halo game billed as a spiritual reboot for the franchise. We've seen nothing but a single CGI trailer, and some had begun worrying that the game might end up skipping Xbox One.

However, in a Tweet from 343i's Frank O’Connor, we got confirmation that the game will release on Xbox One and PC. Now, that's not to say it couldn't release on both Xbox One and a hypothetical new Xbox, perhaps as a simultaneous release, but we do know Xbox One owners won't have to buy a new console to play the next big Halo game.