The PlayStation 2 Launched In Japan 19 Years Ago Today

By Brian Ashcraft on at

On March 4th, 2000, the PlayStation 2 launched in Japan. It went on to become the biggest selling video game console ever.

The PlayStation 2 would launch later that year in North America on October 26th, 2000 and in Europe on November 24th, 2000. Since then, over 155 million PS2s have been sold, and some of the greatest games ever were released on the console. It wasn’t until 2018 that Sony finally said goodbye to the PlayStation 2 in Japan.

Fans on Twitter have been celebrating the PS2's launch with games they enjoyed, using the hashtag #PS2生誕祭 or “PS2 birth celebration.” Which PlayStation 2 games were your favourites?

Happy birthday, PS2!

Featured image: Sony