Someone Leaked Apex Legends Last April, But Nobody Noticed

By Laura Kate Dale on at

In an amusingly silly story, Reddit users have today uncovered a post which gained almost no traction when it was posted, but in hindsight was a total bombshell.

Eleven months ago, on the Titanfall subreddit, a user named HitIconic made a post titled "Alleged Minimap for Rumored Titanfall Battle Royal Game". The post revealed that Respawn was working on a new battle royale game, and included an image that we can now confidently say was an accurate image of the map seen in Apex Legends, with only minor edits and variations.

HitIconic doesn't have any particular history with leaks, nor were they a particularly active user of the subreddit, so their post was largely ignored, with 14 comments ranging from disinterested, to outright calling the map and leak fake.

However, in hindsight, many users of the subreddit have awarded Reddit Gold to the user, seemingly as an apology for not taking their accurate leak seriously. It is, however, worth noting the leaker has asked people to stop doing this.

There's not really anything valuable to learn from this: a leak from a mysterious unknown source with no prior record doesn't always deserve being taken seriously. But it is amusing seeing that this information was out there and accurate, long before most of us were shocked by Apex Legends' reveal. Some on the subreddit believe the game's development team attempted to orchestrate the leak, but if that is the case they did a terrible job getting attention for it.