Ouch, Those Switch Resident Evil Ports are Pricey

By Laura Kate Dale on at

A few days ago, we got the news that Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil HD, and Resident Evil 4 are coming to Switch in May. While we didn't know much else initially, we do now know the price – and it's probably scarier than any zombies in the games.

According to the eShop pages for the three games, each one will cost a whopping £30 by itself, totalling £90 if you want to pick up all three. This is not only pretty pricey for ports of such old games with minimal upgrades or improvements that we know of, but also makes them much pricier than the same ports on other consoles.

For comparison, Resident Evil 4 is £15.99 on PS4, and as far as we know, there's not any big Switch port changes which would justify nearly doubling the price.

Usually, when a Switch game is more expensive than its ports on other platforms, it's because Switch cartridges are more expensive to produce than discs, and Nintendo expects companies not to undercut retail by making their eShop releases cheaper than retail prices. However, in this situation, the UK is only getting these games digitally, which complicates matters. Is the high price perhaps because the Switch is region free, and to keep prices consistent they have to be high because of other regions where physical releases are happening? That's our best guess right now.

We have reached out to Capcom for comment regarding pricing and will let update this post if we get a response.