Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is Getting a Free Edition Next Month

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, a Team Ninja fighting game where players beat each other up as Final Fantasy characters, has been out on PS4 for about a year, and releases on PC on April 12th 2019. However, when it launches on PC, gamers on both PC and PS4 will be given a new way to try out the game.

On April 12th 2019, both the PS4 and PC will be getting a free edition of the game.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition launched back in November 2018 in Japan, and will allow players to try out the game for free, with a rotating roster of free characters available to try out. The idea is you can play for free with a limited number of characters, before either paying to permanently unlock a specific character you like, or purchasing the full game to access the full roster at any time.

Free Edition players can still play online with those who own the full game, so you don't have to fear missing out on playing with your friends, even if you won't be able to guarantee playing your favourite character without dropping some money.