The Division 2 Season Pass Includes Content Exclusivity For Seven Days

By Laura Kate Dale on at

The Division 2 releases worldwide in just over two weeks on 15th March, but there are still a couple of major questions surrounding the upcoming game. One of the biggest questions we've had has been with regards to the mysterious season pass. Now, we finally have some answers.

Back at E3 2018, it was revealed that, during the first year of The Division 2, all post-launch content would be free to all players. As a result, when a Season Pass was announced, many wondered what it could possibly offer to justify its cost.

Well, according to a single line spotted on Ubisoft's website for the Ultimate Edition of The Division 2, content will be delayed by a week for players who do not opt to fork over that little bit of extra cash (emphasis ours):

“Year 1 Pass grants 7-day early access to all Year 1 Episodes, instant access to all Year 1 Specializations as they release, eight Classified Assignments: The fall of DC, along with exclusive cosmetics and additional in game activities”

A press release sent out by Ubisoft yesterday confirmed this, along with providing vague details about the other content that will be included in the season pass:

It also shared a three-minute long trailer that highlights the content coming to the extra episodes as well as a brief run-down of everything else the Year 1 Pass includes:

The new content coming in the form of Episodes 1, 2 and 3 seems substantial, and it's excellent that all players will get to enjoy this – but whether it's worth buying a season pass just for the privilege of playing a week early is, I suppose, up for debate. It's also unclear if those three new specialisations will be exclusive to the Year 1 Pass, as the video words it as "instant access" – leaving us to presume that not-so-instant access will still be available to everyone else.

The video also outlines the eight classified assignments coming to the Year 1 pass, along with "Base of Operations" projects, more bounty targets, trophies and unique customisation items. Again, it's unclear whether any of these things will also be available to players without the season pass. I suppose we'll find out more once the game releases next month.