Twitch Prime Subscribers Get Free Apex Legends Gear This Month

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're a Twitch Prime subscriber – which usually means an Amazon Prime subscriber who wanted free one day shipping and kind of likes the occasional free gaming gift – there's a pretty nifty freebie available this month for one of the hottest games around today.

Available starting today, you can log in to your Twitch Prime account and grab some free Apex Legends gear: there's a free Legendary Omega Point Pathfinder skin and five Apex Packs filled with random cosmetics available to  you.

So, how do you get these freebies? Well, just link your EA account to your Twitch account. You can only redeem this once though, on a single platform of your choice, the first system you log into with your EA account after linking them up. Basically, make sure you go log in and redeem the rewards on the correct console or PC of your choice.

These freebies in Apex Legends are available to redeem until April 18th, so you have almost two months to go get some free shiny stuff to show off to all your friends with. While you're there, don't forget about the free games you can redeem by the end of the month, including the charming Pikuniku, so be sure to check out all the freebies you're entitled to here.