Cross Platform Parties are Live in Rocket League

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Hey, Rocket League fans! Today's the big day for those of you with friends you play the game on a different format to you. That's right: as of today, Rocket League supports cross-platform play.

Rocket League patch 1.58 is now live on all platforms, and does a few things for Rocket League players. It starts winding season 9 to a close, gives you your season 9 rewards, and soft resets your rank. Players will need to win half of their placement matches in order to start season 10 with a similar rank to where they ended season 9.

Additionally, patch 1.58 adds in support for cross platform parties, allowing players to not only randomly matchmake with players from other systems, but actively add them as friends and deliberately play matches with those players. In the new friends list you'll find a Rocket ID, a username followed by four numbers which can be changed pretty easily. Playing with PC friends is unchanged, but to play with friends on a different console you'll just need to add their Rocket ID on your new friends list.

If you want to learn about all the minor technical tweaks in this new patch, including new settings designed to compensate for lag, you can read the full patch notes here.