Gex Speedrunner Finds Mysterious Floating Cube

By Zack Zwiezen on at

I love mysterious Easter Eggs and weird secrets in video games. So does YouTuber Oddheader, who put together a great video showcasing some lesser-know and more obscure secrets and discoveries.

Maybe the most interesting secret in the video involves a strange cube that a speedrunner encountered in Gex: Enter The Gecko. All four sides of the cube show the same image, which looks like two people dressed up as characters from the Speed Racer cartoon.

Unfortunately, speedrunner NanchiSR was busy trying to finish their run and didn’t stop to investigate the cube. It is believed to be the first time this cube has been found in the game, though other players have discovered other cubes in the game.

A more creepy secret was found in Lost Planet 3. Behind a specific wall of ice in a cave, players found a pair of red glowing eyes. Nobody is sure why the eyes are there or if there is any more to this scary little secret.

The full video is worth watching as Oddheader shares more secrets and mysteries from series like Pokémon and Assassin’s Creed. This is part two, and his original video has even more secrets you might not know about.

Featured image: Oddheader (YouTube)