We Dissected Super Mario Maker 2's Trailer With The Help Of An Expert

By Tim Rogers on at

I estimate I spent around 800 hours playing Super Mario Maker on the Wii U. My friend (and professional Super Mario speedrunner) GrandPOOBear, however, has spent 5,000 hours. I invited him to dissect the Super Mario Maker 2 trailer with me.

In the video you can see us point out every new feature, philosophise about our favourite (and least-favourite) power-ups and cower in fear of the troll potential for a couple of new features.

GrandPOOBear’s stance on Super Mario Maker 2 as of this writing is that he feels that he will play it for 6,000 hours, and that his hype level is a “14 out of 10”. You heard it here first.

He also points to many key moments of this trailer (for example, that it opens with Mario in dire need of a sloped surface) as almost concrete proof that Nintendo has listened to the Mario Maker community while putting together Super Mario Maker 2. You can practically feel his excitement as he discusses the variety multi-directional scrolling is going to bring to new levels.

We ended up talking for just under an hour. Yes, this might seem excessive, given that Nintendo’s trailer is only one minute and 27 seconds long. However, one hour is only 1/5800th of our collected Mario Maker experience, and Nintendo packed a lot of information into that trailer.

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