Smite Gets Full Crossplay Support on Everything But PS4

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you own Smite, the third person MOBA where you play as gods beating each other up for fun, on Switch, PC, or Xbox One, today marks an exciting day for you. As of Patch 6.1, which is available now, cross platform multiplayer and progression is enabled. You can now play on Switch against your Xbox One friends, then take those points you earned over and play on the Xbox One later without having to start over. Even your in game currency now carries over.

Doing this isn't automatic though: you'll need to link your accounts up by following the instructions here, but it means that for most platforms Smite now lets you play how you want with your friends.

However, it is important to note that PS4 owners of Smite are excluded from this new functionality – and it seems like that's all down to Sony. While Sony started to allow some specific games on PS4 to access crossplay features last year, including Fortnite and Rocket League, that functionality is still only open to select games, something which seems to have annoyed the CEO of Hi-Rez, who compared Sony's attitude to the Berlin Wall on Twitter.

Ranked play is still pooled by PC or console, but in non-ranked play you can play with your friends on any of the listed platforms. However, some Switch users have found they can't log into the game after registering their account for crossplay, an issue Hi-Rez is apparently looking into currently. Still, this is more people getting to play together, which is always a positive move.