Paradox Seems to be Teasing a New Vampire: The Masquerade Game Via a Dating App

By Laura Kate Dale on at

if you're a fan of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, probably the best vampire themed RPG out there, and also like following cryptic hints towards announcements, then a new Paradox Interactive published dating app looks like the place you should be looking.

So, here's the situation: Paradox Interactive has just launched a dating app called Tender. You can sign up with an existing Paradox account, and it doesn't seem like it's actually trying to set you up on real world dates. The logo for the game contains a blood drop, and the reveal trailer's opening shot shows dark red liquid we're assuming is meant to further evoke thoughts of blood.

Diving slightly deeper down the rabbit hole, the app itself asks players to confirm their blood type, before offering to match them up with sick people near them. Sounds a lot like helping vampires find healthy blood to snack on to me.

Interestingly, Paradox Interactive own White Wolf Publishing, who just last year filed a Vampire: The Masquerade trademark. We looked through the rest of Paradox Interactive's brands and past games, and couldn't find any other games that seem to match with this theme of blood as a way to heal someone who is sick.

The app itself has quests available for players to complete, and it looks like more are being added over time, which lends credence to the idea this is an ARG leading to an announcement of some sort. Additionally, big name YouTubers and streamers of Paradox games are including secret codes in their videos against splashes of the coloured liquid effect from the Tender video, there are redacted Tender CEO memos out there, and an investigative website distributing clues too. Who knows if there's even more clues around we have not yet spotted. We translated a Latin phrase, Semper Servus, from one of the memos which translates to Always the Slave, which could be in reference to creating vampire slaves in the original game.

While we don't know for sure what this ARG is going to lead to, a new Vampire: The Masquerade game is our best bet right now.