Fortnite V7.30 Brings Bottle Rockets and Concert Venues to Battle Royale Play

By Laura Kate Dale on at

It's a brand new week, and with that comes a brand new set of updates to Fortnite. This week is all about automatic structure destruction, new ways to build, and changes to the way limited time modes in the game are cycled.

For battle royale players, perhaps the biggest change coming this week is the addition of bottle rockets. This new consumable item can be placed onto the ground, and will then fire a stream of projectiles in a set direction, for a limited amount of time. You can aim these at a structure, then retreat to a safe spot, allowing for continued destruction without needing to be a sitting target. You can pick up two at a time, hold a maximum of six, and have up to two deployed at one time.

Additionally, campfires around the map are no longer just cosmetic, and can be lit to act like the cosy campfire item. Each campfire can only be lit once per match, and you can tell if they're still able to be lit by whether or not they have wood left in them. This essentially means that there are now set points on the map where you can get a free heal – providing you're the first person there and feel safe enough to hang around for a minute.

Lastly, the schedule for limited time modes in battle royale is changing, with LTMs now rotating every couple of days, allowing for more modes to be playable in game per week.

For creative mode players, this week brings a bunch of new concert venue-related props so you can create fights that go down in the midst of a big rock arena if you like.

For save the world players, this week brings the new hero Subzero Zenith, as well as a new week of in-game challenges.

If you want to read more specifics about V7.30, you can read the full patch notes here.