Wii'll Always Have the Remixes

By Rich Stanton on at

All good things come to an end and, alas, the time has come for the Wii's online service: at 6am tomorrow morning, it will close for good. Aside from the obvious questions this raises about digital ownership and game preservation, perhaps the most lamented aspect of this will be the loss of the immortal Wii Shop music: or, at least, the inability to listen to it in its natural environment.

But it's not all doom and gloom, because the Wii Shop music is so good that it's inspired countless phat remixes. There's definitely something of a rap theme here, and these remixes work so well because, despite the Wii shop music being so chilled-out, it has a high bpm (I'm not sure exactly what it is, sources vary, but somewhere just south of 150bpm). But writing about music, as the saying goes, is like whistling about sex. So let me just lay down some of the best, starting with this unbelievably good Busta Rhymes mashup.

Arguably even more impressive is this Drake remix, which just fits perfectly. It doesn't go above Busta Rhymes, however, because one Busta Rhymes is worth a hundred Drakes.

Wouldn't be a remix list without some Space Jam, would it? This one is pretty good, although the best Space Jam remix of all time remains this incredible Wonderful 101 effort by BotanicSage.

Bit of Eminem anyone?

Props to this high-effort mashup with Earth, Wiind and Fire:

Here's a remix by Chicago-based producer Nicky Flowers, which frankly Nintendo should just buy from her and install as the Switch shop music.

Or for something a little more chilled, may I recommend the perfect work music.

There are hundreds and hundreds more of these things. From Childish Gambino (try it at 1.25 speed) to Toto's 'Africa', and amazing heavy metal re-workings. I could spend all day just listing more and more, but instead I'm just gonna stick on the 10-hour version of the Busta Rhymes remix, attach the wrist strap firmly, and thank Nintendo for one of the most meme-able tunes video games has had. The Wii shop is dead: long live the Wii shop music.