A Pigeon-Themed Fighter Called Pekken

By Rich Stanton on at

Jon McKellan is a developer probably best-known as the founder of NoCode (Stories Untold), but perhaps in the future all of his wonderful games will be a mere footnote next to the viral potential of what comes next. NoCode is currently working on Observation, due for release later this year, but McKellan just spent his weekend off knocking up a beat-em-up starring pigeons.

And it's called Pekken. At which point I don't know whether to slow clap or start whooping and thanking god. McKellan went on to say he'd also considered 'Beak Fighter II Turbo' and 'Beaks of Rage', at which point I give up and applaud wildly.

In all seriousness, the PS1 'look' of this is spot-on, and the slow-mo KO followed by victorious head bobbing is some of the finest avian action since Falco in Smash Bros. Hey, Super Trash Bros amirite?!? Folks?

Response to this brief snippet of play has been such that McKellan's now promising to work this up into a finished product with that most modern of caveats: if it gets enough retweets, 10K to be precise.

Well. This is probably one of those things where the prospect is greater than the reality, but what a prospect.