Monster Hunter World's Anniversary Event Has Some Spiffing Outfits

By Rich Stanton on at

A year ago Capcom released Monster Hunter: World, a fresh start for its long-running series and one that found a lot of new fans. This incredible dino-bonking simulator is a treat and, as with previous entries, has been receiving regular updates and additions  — but now it's time to party.

Monster Hunter: World's anniversary event is now live, runs until February 21, and adds a load of celebratory garb as well as temporarily unlocking almost all previous Event quests. I'm not going to list all the cosmetic items, but this new palico outfit certainly gave me paws for thought. I mean wow: gold jumpsuit, check; gold-encrusted mic stand, check; disco ball helmet and glasses that spell out 'World'... other game publishers take note, this is how you celebrate.

During the event's time period players can earn 'appreciation' tickets to craft various special outfits, including the above, and you even get a special 'appreciation dinner' for showing up:

There is nothing to dislike about this. Or the new 'pop star dance' emote, which I can't wait to crack out in front of a Deviljho charge.

The real value of the appreciation fest, for temporarily lapsed hunters like myself, is probably going to be the chance to go back and tick off some of the Event quests I haven't been around for. These challenges often dole out loot that you can't otherwise get in the game, and if you miss 'em you're out of luck. But on this happy occasion the wise and benevolent Capcom is going to let us all have another crack, and some of these SSStylish threads are well worth the effort. The full schedule of Event quests is here.

Even if you don't have time to party hard, simply logging into Monster Hunter: World over this period will net some goodies. See you back in the New World, hunters.