The Official Bayonetta Steam Page Appears to Be Teasing Catherine for PC

By Laura Kate Dale on at

When Sega and Platinum Games want to tease a new game together for PC, they seem to like doing so using the Steam page for Bayonetta. When Vanquish was first teased for PC, it was done via the Bayonetta Steam page, and now it seems like the same is happening for a Catherine port to PC.

The most recent post to the Bayonetta Steam page is an entry that is simply titled "Baa", and includes nothing but a photograph of a sheep in the body of the post. Catherine's story features several segments where male characters turn into sheep, so it would make sense for this to be a tease for Catherine.

We know that Catherine: Full Body, a PS4 re-release of the original with additional story and gameplay content, is on the way, but we suspect that's not what is being teased here. A few weeks ago, we saw the Australian Classification Board rate a new game called Catherine Classic for a multiplatform release. The title, which was submitted for rating by Koch Media, has no other information officially listed, leading us to speculation.

While we can be confident that Catherine Classic is real due to this rating, it's curious why we would get the original game re-released when a new version has been developed. Currently, our best guess is that Sony has some exclusivity deal with Catherine: Full Body's new content, and as such, a straightforward port of the original game might be coming to PC, or consoles like Switch and Xbox One.

While we don't yet know what we're getting with Catherine Classic or this Catherine PC tease, we can likely expect a formal announcement in the coming weeks or months. We have reached out to Atlus and Koch Media's PR, and will update if we get a response.