Another Two Versions of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Just Got Cancelled

By Laura Kate Dale on at

When Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night was crowdfunded back in 2015 on Kickstarter, the console hardware landscape looked fairly different. After four years of development, it's not a surprise that the Vita and Wii U versions of the game were cancelled, replaced with a Switch version instead. However, perhaps more surprising is that last week, the game's Mac and Linux versions were also cancelled. Yep, that's four of the game's promised platforms now not releasing.

If you pledged for a Mac or Linux version, you can send an email to bloodstained [at] fangamer [dot] com to request a different version. However, it's currently unclear if you'll be able to get a refund, if you don't own any other platforms the game is releasing on.

If you pledged for Mac or Linux, we wish you the best of luck finding a new version you can still play whenever Bloodstained eventually releases.