Catherine Classic Just Got Rated in Australia, And We're Not Sure Why

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Early next year, Catherine: Full Body is releasing on PS4 and Vita. A remaster of the original Catherine, a puzzle game about a man navigating relationship challenges while climbing nightmare towers in his dreams, Full Body contains all the content of the original game, as well as a new third character to potentially romance, new cutscenes, and new puzzle content.

However, we just saw the Australian Classification Board rate Catherine Classic for a multiplatform release. The title, which was submitted for rating by Koch Media, has no other information, leaving us with some questions.

While we can be confident that Catherine Classic is real due to this rating, it's curious why we would get the original game re-released when a new version has been developed. It is possible we might see re-releases of the original game on Xbox One, PC, or Switch, with the new content remaining exclusive temporarily or permanently for Sony consoles. It's also possible that we're going to see the original game available on Xbox One backwards compatibility, and Koch Media want to avoid confusion.

While we don't yet know what we're getting with Catherine Classic, we can likely expect a formal announcement in the coming months. We have reached out to Atlus and Koch Media's PR, and will update if we get a response.