Roasting The Games Of 2018

By Tim Rogers on at

Allow me to present my favourite games of the year—by stating one thing I dislike about each of them.

I did some research before making this video. I noticed that “worst games of the year” videos always (always!) get more hits on YouTube than “best games of the year” videos. I surveyed 20 content creators. On average, a content creator’s “worst games of the year” video gets 157% the views that their “best” video gets. My eyes turned into cartoon dollar signs.

“Maybe I should do a ‘worst games of the year’ video.”

Then I thought, “Negativity sucks. I don’t want to make a video where I just say mean things about bad games the whole time.”

Thus I arrived at the idea of a roast. Come along and listen to me count down my 29 favourite games of the year by blasting the cruellest criticisms I can manage at them.

It turns out that a lot of games that came out this year were so good that it’s genuinely difficult to say anything bad about them. I sure enjoyed the challenge, though.

Except in the case of Celeste. Saying something bad about Celeste felt like stomping a kitten. So I didn’t say anything bad about Celeste.

Celeste is the best game of the year.

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