You Need to Export Your Smash Ultimate Replays, or They'll Be Gone Next Week

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been out for five days now, and plenty of players around the world have been saving replays of their favourite matches to show off later. But as of today, there's an important piece of information floating around about an upcoming update to the game.

If you boot up Smash Ultimate today, you'll see a message informing you that Version 1.2.0 of Smash Bros Ultimate will be released "within the next week". While this is probably in most ways a good thing, the notice informs players of something important about replays. Any replays made using the current version of the game will no longer work when the new update releases.

This makes sense on a technical level – in-game replays are stored as a series of button inputs, with the game recreating the match when you watch the replay back. After a software update, which may well balance characters differently, replays from older versions would play out differently based on those balance adjustments.

All is not lost, however! If you into your match replays some time this week before the update and export your replays as a video, then it'll be saved on your system and won't be affected by the update.

So, this is a warning: this week you need to back up your favourite replays, and you should probably make a habit of doing so regularly so you don't lose your record of that perfect match.